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Now, the tour company is engaged in White Stone inbound tourism
White Stone (Russian Federation) is a tour operator for incoming and internal tourism located in Siberia, Russia. Mission consists in warm welcome for Russian and foreign guests in Siberia, organizing of active and sightseeing/excursion tours to open unexplored not for a while yet sides of tourism in Russia.
The White Stone company has been working in tourism since 1996 and has several units, each of them is connected with tourism. These units are: the tour company, chain of shops for fishing and tourism and clothing manufacture.
The tour company White Stone has been working in internal tourism for over than 10 years to the date and this year is significant as White Stone starts international incoming tourism. We have huge experience in providing and organizing of active and excursion tours, climbing mountains and rafting, horse riding, serious fishing and coach tours in Siberia. Main geographical directions for us in tourism are: Kemerovo Region, Altai, Khakassia, Tuva, Krasnoyarsk Territory and Baikal.
Our office is located in Novokuznetsk. White Stone has been honoured with numerous diplomas and gratifying reviews from the government and partners: besides individual commercial tours the company cooperates with educational institutions and city enterprises organizing tours for students, workers and clerks (rest and recovery), so there is a social-oriented activity as well.
White Stone is a member of Southern-Kuzbass Nonprofit Partnership of Tourist Industry and is one of a few tour operators in our region having all necessary documents and financial provision. We pay much attention to safety of our tourists and try to organize rich tour programs with opportunity to choose wishful elements of the program.
Finally we want to invite foreign tourists to our wonderful land called Siberia. Here you will see Siberian Switzerland and learn what taiga is, you will try to climb mountains and do some rafting by mountain rivers, enjoy country life while living with natives’ family and watch some true ethnic rituals and shaman rites.
You will learn how to live in tents and make a trip to wild caves and routes. You will try traditional food and learn customs of the native Siberian people. You will visit different places of wild nature, enjoy clear air, springs, mountains and virgin forest.
Our region is unique for combining historical and cultural heritage with amenities of natural landscapes Mountain Shoria, Podnebesnye Zubja and Tomskaya Pisanitsa are well-known far away from Siberia. Cities and districts of Kuzbass are famous for their plentiful historical, architectural and natural memorials. Each of them may be called a museum in the open air. But the main wealth of our region are people, who will give you warm welcome in spite of Siberian frost.

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